So Danish!

Denmark’s national gallery of architecture

As a result of water damage, we are forced to close the permanent exhibition So Danish! Whilst the exhibition is closed, we offer a reduced entrance fee of DKK 50, instead of DKK 115. Unfortunately, we are not able to say when the exhibition will reopen. Our contractors are doing their utmost to finish the repairs.

The exhibition unfolds the history of Danish architecture from the Viking Age to present day and gives you the opportunity to travel into the architecture and understand how absolutely vital it is to our democratic society.

With the exhibition, you will experience how architecture has always played a central role in our formation, our understanding of culture and our common future. In addition to all the highlights of Danish architectural history, there will also be an opportunity to dive into the individual style periods, meet the architects, and discover completely new projects with great impact on the architecture we are surrounded by today and in the future.

The exhibition contains architecture at all levels of scale, from buildings and urban spaces to infrastructure and landscape architecture, and it will accommodate a multitude of different ways of experiencing the architecture. Iconic buildings are resurrected i.a. to life in small, enveloping, cinematic experiences that give you a fantastic and present experience of Danish architecture – it’s almost like standing in the physical building.


So Danish! udstilling om  dansk arkitektur
So Danish! udstilling om  dansk arkitektur

Iconic Architecture brought to life