The heart of the Stone

Exhibition period

June 21 - September 21, 2014

Supported by

The exhibition was supported by Realdania, Nordea-fonden, Dreyers Fond and Petersen Tegl.

Curated by

The exhibition was developed by Tor Nørretranders

“The Heart of the Stone – Close up III”: Lundgaard & Tranberg was Danish Architecture Center’s big summer exhibition created by the writer, Tor Nørretranders.

Architecture is not merely about beautiful buildings and eye-catching structures. Architecture is about creating settings for people’s lives and experiences: settings for the current of light, energy, substance and people, who are the very pulse of life.

This was the fundamental contention made by the writer, Tor Nørretranders, who has curated “The Heart of the Stone”, which looked at the work of the internationally renowned Danish architecture practice, Lundgaard & Tranberg.

“The Heart of the Stone” was not a classic architectural exhibition with a display of models of architects’ works. It was a diverse presentation, involving brickwork, images, texts, running water, mirrors, optical effects, computer models and poems, which would stimulate visitors’ sense of touch, spatial awareness, sense of depth, perception of time and scientific curiosity.

While the exhibition was of course about the work of Lundgaard & Tranberg, it also investigated the essence of the endeavours made by architects to create settings for the progress of life.

But the most fundamental aspect of this exhibition was, that it was not located in the exhibition space. The experience provided by the galleries of the Danish Architecture Center was intended to be an eye-opener, an introduction to an excursion around the city, and an opportunity to look at the buildings from the perspective engendered by the exhibition.

The exhibition was the third in Danish Architecture Center’s exhibition series, Close Up.