Group Tour: Nordvest – Urban diversity

Group Tour


2.200 DKK for up to 10 people.
4.400 DKK for up to 20 people.
(including VAT)

Group rate includes entrance to DAC’s current exhibitions on the day of the tour.


2 hours

In just a few years, the Nordvest district of Copenhagen has been transformed from industry and factories, to vibrant, pulsating boutiques and restaurants. Car repair shops have metamorphosed to smart Copenhagen bars, and influential art galleries are moving to the area. Join us on a tour around a district in dramatic change!

We’ve seen it before in the Vesterbro and Nørrebro districts of Copenhagen, which have both evolved into hip and trendy hotspots. The same is going on now in Nordvest. Bars and bakeries are taking over the old workshops, and design studios are moving into the old factories.

We begin at Nørrebro Station, where we could actually stay for the whole tour. The area around Nørrebro Station is perhaps Copenhagen’s most exciting hub. We can sense the same downtown buzz as we know from Berlin. And this will follow us throughout our tour, which ends at Grundtvigs Kirke (a magnificent church).

From Nørrebro Station, we walk past the cobalt blue Imam Ali Mosque and through community-driven neighborhoods, where many local initiatives have taken root and blossomed. We will also see attractive examples of welfare-architecture housing.
Walking further into the Nordvest district, we will see a golden library, new architect-designed homes, as well as housing blocks built in the 1950s. We will hear about the urban renewal in the area, climate protection and diversity. The tour ends at a masterpiece of Danish architecture that overshadows everything else: Grundtvigs Kirke.

Join the tour and experience perhaps Copenhagen’s last authentic blue-collar district before it becomes history.

Practical information

  • Meet at Frederikssundsvej 1 (by 7-Eleven)
  • The tour ends at Grundtvigs Kirke.
  • The tour is 5½ km.
  • DACs guides are professionally qualified, competent, and dedicated professionals – typically students within architecture, design, and urban development, who are themselves a part of the city’s life.
  • Keep an eye on the weather, and perhaps take an umbrella or sun hat with you on the tour. We will do the tour whatever the weather.
  • Bus route 6a stops at Grundtvigs Kirke for the journey back to Nørrebro Station after the tour.

Photo: Nils Meilvang (from Realdaniakampagnen, Underværker)