Amager Beach Park: Urban beach with a touch of nature


Photo: Ursula Bach

The vast beach on Amager is a unique combination of natural surroundings and big-city atmosphere, which has transformed the once maligned island in Copenhagen into the kind of delightful experience you normally have to travel abroad to find.

Copenhagen’s Amager district is changing rapidly, and nowhere more visibly than around its beach area of Amager Beach Park – Amager Strandpark.

The beach is a two-kilometre-long artificial island forming a lagoon, with pools on one side and a sandy beach on the other. The area is a popular place for both sunbathing and relaxation, as well as for sports activities for all.

The northern part of the island resembles a natural landscape, with meandering pathways, broad beach areas and low sand dunes. Here is where locals from all around Copenhagen visit the city’s most famous bathhouse, Helgoland, a charming series of turquoise wooden houses placed on stilts just off shore.

Following the beach southwards, a group of exclusive white towers rises above the coast and forms a skyline with views all the way to Sweden across the Øresund strait. Further to the south, an architectural gem awaits visitors.

Kastrup Søbad, also known as ‘The Snail’ due to its twisted shape, offers excellent swimming opportunities and great views of the protected natural area of Saltholm Island. Its wooden construction shields swimmers from the wind, while spotlights installed in the deck create a beautiful atmosphere at night.