Photo: COBE & Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter

The Bellakvarter district brings life to a once rather desolate area near Copenhagen’s largest conference and exhibition center. The buildings vary in height and openness, while green areas create natural meeting places in everyday life on the edge of the beautiful Amager Common.

Bella Center, Scandinavia’s largest congress, conference and exhibition centre, opens its doors to thousands of visitors yearly. But as soon as the event ends, most jump on the city centre-bound Metro.

Until now, the district surrounding both this and the massive four-star AC Hotel Bella Sky, has been barren and uninspiring, a place without personality, presence and spirit.

This will hopefully change with the construction of the new district of Bellakvarter.

COBE and Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter have been collaborating closely on designing an urban area that will open up to the outside world and become an integrated part of the city instead of an introverted and closed one. Thus a lively local environment will outshine its cold steel-grey façades with parks, urban gardens and recreational areas, playgrounds, a golf club, cafés, shops, offices and residential buildings such as Bellarækkerne, a series of classic terraced houses in warm, Nordic materials and tones.

Another brilliant selling point for Bellakvarter is its location just minutes away from the lush, green protected nature of Amager Common, where forageable wild berries, sea buckthorn, elderflower, herbs and other edible goodies grow side by side with abundant wildlife.