Bording Independent School – A Creative Addition in a Historical Neighborhood


Photo: Sandra Gonon,

On Øster Søgade, right where the road bends, there is a small inward-facing building which serves as an invaluable extension for the creative school with the beautiful location.

In 2009, Bording Independent School expanded with a new building for use as an assembly hall and classrooms for creative disciplines. Built from recycled brick from the old gatehouse, the new addition has a beautiful view of the lakes through the giant chestnut trees. The new building stands today as an elegant solution in the historical district. The multipurpose building is both functional and flexible – an energy-filled building with room for singing, music, art, and storytelling.

The building is comprised of three main elements, which fully utilize the limited space in the schoolyard. From the street, the first thing you see is the simple, transparent lattice construction, which allows people to see out, but not to see in. 

From the back, you can see how the building’s volume extends underground. The building has been opened up via amphitheater-shaped steps down to the building’s  music room. The steps create a smooth transition between stage and listener, directly from the music room out into the schoolyard. The art room is situated on the first floor. This room has the building’s best view of the lakes. 

The building’s screen was designed in collaboration with artist Lone Høyer Hansen. Lone also created the original colored band on the school’s facade, which was inspired by the iconic neon lights along the lakes. Neon lights that have glowed for 70s years and have been a classic symbol of the romantic city since the 1980s.