Frederiks Brygge

Urban spaces

Photo: Astrid Maria Busse Rasmussen

Near the canals of Sluseholmen, Frederiks Brygge has a special focus on students, singles, retirees and other population groups who generally have trouble finding affordable housing in the city.

Creating a socially diverse and active mix of residents was the central focus in the master plan for Frederiks Brygge, a new residential area in Copenhagen’s formerly industrial southern harbour.

Once a mere ‘pass-through’ area, Frederiks Brygge is now becoming a destination in its own right, with a total of 1,350 homes expected to be in place by 2020.

Distinguishing itself from Copenhagen’s development hotspots of Nordhavn, Ørestad and nearby Sluseholmen, Frederiks Brygge targets a broad range of potential residents upon which an active local urban life depends.

Thus, rejecting the provision of primarily large, high-end family apartments, Copenhagen-based DesignGroup Architects has planned a compact assembly of waterside housing blocks with atypically smaller apartment configurations. Attracting students, singles, young couples, retirees and elderly people, the residences are skirted by a southwest-facing 300-metre-long waterside promenade and public space called Flydedokken.

Already the quarter’s focal point, this is suitable for a lazy afternoon stroll or for use as a springboard into the harbour waters. In typical Copenhagen fashion, life between the buildings is further enhanced by outdoor playgrounds, a ball field, table tennis and barbeque facilities, not to mention the area’s notorious Italian supermarket.