Frederiksberg Allé 41: A Culinary Temple atop the Metro


Photo: COBE

On this Parisian-style avenue, the new Metro station is topped with a building full of culinary experiences.

A new meeting place for foodies, commuters, locals and tourists is open at Frederiksberg Allé 41. The project houses food stalls, workshops and educational facilities mixed in with private residences and a green courtyard, all built on top of the entrance to one of the city’s new Metro stations.

Frederiksberg Allé is one of the most noteworthy boulevards in Copenhagen, a tree-lined Paris-inspired avenue centrally located in the charming Frederiksberg neighborhood. Frederiksberg Allé 41 is adapted to this historical context with a series of brick-surfaced townhouses, rising stepwise until they form a penthouse on the eighth floor of the corner of the building overlooking the street – a contemporary interpretation of the towers found on corners around the city.

The design of this site differs from many of the city’s other Metro entrances, which predominantly retain the same layout throughout Copenhagen: minimalist open squares where passengers can seamlessly descend underground and catch trains without distractions.

Frederiksberg Allé 41, on the other hand, turns the Metro stop into a gathering place in the city, moving away from pure commuting and toward a lively urban culture.