Kalvebod Fælled Skole


Photo: Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects

Sports and the surrounding landscape are closely incorporated into the architectural elements of this new school, whose ground floor remains open to the public outside school hours.

Ørestad is an area in Copenhagen with one of the highest concentrations of young families and, fittingly, Kalvebod Fælled School. Located on the edge of Arenakvarteret the school became a second home to 240 of its excited children upon its opening in 2018.

Flanking Arenakvarteret’s green corridor Byfælleden, the school’s circular form turns itself outwards to connect its inhabitants to the beautiful nature of Kalvebod Common to one side, and the urban jungle of Ørestad and Copenhagen city to the other.

The 360-degree form is as practical as it is symbolic: in recognition of the school’s focus on sport and movement, its core provides space for a sports hall that is to become the focal point for daily school life.

Based on a recent Danish school reform, provisions for longer school days, space for teacher preparation and lesson ‘cafés’ for dynamic learning have been incorporated into the school’s 11,500m2.

A large kitchen and canteen emphasises the importance of food and nutrition for student development, whilst lighting, acoustics, durable surfaces and the multi-functionality of spaces are pedagogically considered.

More than just a school, the building’s ground floor offers access to facilities after regular hours, becoming an active culture house for local communities and groups.