Lille Langebro: Makes biking across town a breeze


Michael Levin

The little sister to the Langebro Bridge, Lille Langebro, was built on the exact spot where the original Langebro Bridge stood more than 300 years ago.

Copenhagen has garnered international attention time and again as a green city with an excellent infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. And the Little Langebro Bridge helps reinforce the city’s position, with another link across the inner harbor dedicated to these more vulnerable road users. And a beautiful sweeping bridge it is, too – particularly impressive when viewed from Vester Voldgade.

Every day nearly 60,000 vehicles cross Langebro. Now, Little Langebro makes the trip across the harbor more comfortable for cyclists and pedestrians. It makes it possible to travel through the city parallel to the high-traffic arteries. So, now you can walk or bike from Copenhagen’s City Hall Square, Rådhuspladsen, along Vester Voldgade and across the delightful Little Langebro Bridge toward the districts of Christianshavn and Islands Brygge.

Even though Little Langebro Bridge is the youngest of the two bridges, the little sister has been placed in the oldest location. The very first Langebro was a wooden bridge built in the 1600s that served pedestrians and travelers by horse. The original bridge was rebuilt many times, but for more than 300 years, it was located right where Little Langebro Bridge is situated today.


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