Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland: Architecture Just Like the Doctor Ordered


© Herzog & de Meuron + Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter

Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland (New Northern Zealand Hospital) is dedicated to the good life, transcending sheer survival, through the healing power of nature and access to sunlight for all patients. The building relies on the latest research in reimagining traditional hospital design to reunite health, healing, and architecture.

Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland (New Northern Zealand Hospital) is very different from a conventional hospital in that the architecture itself is designed to aid the healing process. Despite the hospital’s enormous size of 118,000 square meters, it is still kept in a scale that doesn’t become too overwhelming – just two levels, and nature everywhere, no matter where you are in the building. The hospital is  situated in the Favrholm district of Hillerød.

Healing Power of Daylight and Nature

Stepping inside the hospital, you are met by breathtaking daylighting and stunning natural views. The building is rooted in the ethos of traditional 19th century sanatoriums, and in the latest research revealing that daily access to nature and sunlight relieves stress and promotes healing in patients.

A Green View

Wood is a recurring element in both the interior and exterior design. Smooth contours, daylight and a view of the green inner garden create a more homey atmosphere and sense of ever-present nature. With the Favrholm meadowlands on the exterior and green gardens in the interior, the building offers natural vistas on both sides. At its highest point, the building is only four stories high, and together with its arching contours, this ensures that all the wards benefit from a view of healing sunlight and nature.

Short Distances

The quatrefoil layout of the building is designed to ensure the shortest possible distances for both staff and patients. Equally, the layout guarantees that the right specialties are adjacent to their associated hospital departments. In this way, the architecture contributes to optimum medical care.

Part of the Community

With its location in Favrholm, Hillerød, the hospital is also intended as a cultural cluster in the wider community. As part of a new approach to hospital functions, the building will also house cultural events, social initiatives, and art for the entire local community.




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