Øbro 105: Modern Interpretation of Functionalism


C.F Møller_Torben Eskerod

The architectural firm C.F. Møller’s residential building in Østerbro is an exceptionally beautiful reinterpretation of the neighborhood’s prominent historic buildings.

“There are many layers in the building: historical layers, functional layers, and a C.F. Møller layer,” says Architect Anna Maria Indrio from C.F. Møller. The architectural firm designed the Øbro 105 residential building, which was nominated for prestigious honors, including the Mies Van der Rohe Award, upon its completion in 2006.

The building is a modern interpretation of the distinctive buildings on Østerbrogade, which are rich in history, detail and sculptural form. Øbro 105 is a U-shaped building with slanted axes, copper-clad bay windows, brick and heavy masonry. Øbro 105 draws on the 1930s designs of architects Kay Fisker and C.F. Møller, such as Vestersøhus, a building from 1938 on the banks of Copenhagen’s city lakes.

In this functionalist building, a few carefully chosen details  bring relief and life to an otherwise impenetrable and massive structure. The large bay windows and balconies facing south also reflect the functionalist ideal of airy and bright homes. The building’s function has determined the details, not vice versa.

Like the balconies, the courtyard faces south to maximize sunlight. The north-facing facade along Østerbrogade has large, bright bay windows where residents can observe the activity down on the street – a detail attesting to the architects’ consideration of the building’s utility value and its residents.

From Car Dealership to Residential Block

For decades, a car dealership inhabited the corner plot at Østerbrogade 105, but now the cars have given way to a modern residential block. An underground parking garage has been built under the courtyard – an example of functionalism at its finest, as the facility provides compliance with parking requirements stipulated by the city’s local development plan. It is also an architectural solution that removes some of the parked cars from street level.


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