Rambøll Head Office


Photo: Adam Mørk

The headquarters of one of Denmark’s largest consulting engineering firms has outdone everyone by using their know-how to implement sustainable solutions in every part of the building.

On its inauguration in 2010, Rambøll’s sweeping, boomerang- shaped headquarters in Ørestad stood as one of Denmark’s largest – and most intriguing – buildings.

Its innovative internal design was inspired by Barcelona’s bustling Ramblas, created as a snaking 3D ‘interior street’ connected horizontally and vertically through its seven floors by decks and balconies. This common space of a café, canteen, fitness centre, foyer and auditorium frames the possibilities for Rambøll’s staff to connect, and promotes a culture of knowledge, sharing and cooperation.

The company’s workstations, meanwhile, line the building’s façades, removed from its centre in order to stay quiet and focused, while affording views and daylight to all.

As one of Denmark’s leading engineering companies, Rambøll wanted its building to beat other similarly sized structures in energy consumption terms. It tasked its finest sustainability minds with putting as many solutions as possible into play. Connected to Copenhagen’s sophisticated heating system, the building employs an optimal ground water cooling system that saves energy to a tune of 85%. Consumption is kept to what’s needed, with energy efficient lighting intelligently activated by motion, and automated pumps and ventilators running only when required.