Remiseparken: A Green Oasis for All


Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj

A unique green oasis in the midst of Amager’s busy urban surroundings. Remiseparken combines nature, history, and recreation, welcoming visitors to an exciting experience in the heart of the city.

A green gem is hidden in the middle of the public housing development Urbanplanen in Amager. Here, between the rhythmic housing blocks, a playful landscape of farm animals, kitchen gardens, playgrounds, and urban nature experiences unfolds. The landscape architects from BOGL are behind the park’s renewal. With the ambition to make Remiseparken a safe hub in Urbanplanen, while at the same time protecting the area against cloudbursts, the entire organization of the park has been rethought.

Path Connects the Whole Park

The main feature is the winding activity path that crosses and connects different parts of the park. The path, which is constructed in colored concrete, with its dynamic design is adapted to the park’s many moods: In some places, the path expands and makes room for play, in other places, its sides are elevated to seating areas – all with aesthetic finesse.
The park’s skate park – designed by SNE Architects – is a sculptural feature in itself. Its organic course in cast-in-place concrete appears as a bulge on the park’s activity path and invites physical exertion.

Green Poetry Against Cloudbursts

If, on the other hand, one needs a quiet break, one can head towards Elleskoven in the southwestern end of the park. More than 20 different species of alder trees create a special poetic atmosphere here, while an elegant path system of raised plateaus allows the park’s guests to experience the hilly terrain – even when cloudbursts have flooded the area.
The park was awarded the Danish Landscape Prize in 2021.

Near Remiseparken

Not far from Remiseparken is the DR Concert Hall. The French architect Jean Nouvel has created a building that, with its overwhelmingly beautiful concert hall, enhances the musical experiences. In addition, you can stroll down the nearby canal, which is enclosed by interesting architecture, such as Tietgenkollegiet and Mikado House.