Sankt Hans Torv: Church, Coffee, and Coolness

Urban spaces


The revitalization of Sankt Hans Torv (Sankt Hans Square) has transformed the area. Natural elements like trees, undulating paving, and the placement of a water feature have contributed to making the square now function as an attractive meeting place for Copenhageners.

How can urban renewal make a difference in people’s daily lives? In Nørrebro, the revitalization of a square has uplifted an entire neighborhood and created new gathering spots. Sankt Hans Torv was once a major intersection, but part of the traffic arteries has now been broken off by a gently undulating surface, which adjoins one of the surrounding buildings. The undulating surface resembles natural terrain. Here stands a single tree. The granite paving blends in with the surrounding street cobblestones and height differences. In the middle of the square stands Jørgen Haugen Sørensen’s water feature ‘The House that Rains’, from which occasional trickles flow from small fountains in the paving.

Spatial Respite

In the past, parks and squares were established so that city residents could get fresh air and escape their cramped apartments. Today, we live in larger apartments, and we can go out into nature outside the city. However, there is still a need for spatial breaks in the city’s dense traffic. Open spaces can function as a respite in a hectic everyday life. When the pace slows down, there is also more time for social contact and interaction between people. Traffic still plays a significant role at Sankt Hans Torv, but as a dynamic factor that testifies to the fact that we are in a busy and lively district. Despite the traffic, the atmosphere at Sankt Hans Torv is friendly and relaxed. The square has become a sanctuary for the residents of Nørrebro, who have gained their very own center.

Near Sankt Hans Torv

Not far from the square lies Guldberg Skole and Guldberg Byplads, where there is a great public playground. Bring the children and if they get hungry, you can find a delicious lunch or a cup of coffee on the busy Nørrebrogade. Afterwards, you can take a walk in the quieter Assistens Cemetery and talk about the important things in life.


Copenhagen, Nørrebro