SEB Bank & Pension


Photo: Adam Mørk Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects

In a chaotic, high-traffic area, this elegant and organic building makes room for the general public. Between the three copper towers, there is public access to a serene landscape that rises up from street level.

At one with nature, earthy greens and browns, rounded pillars and skirted copper corners characterise the SEB Bank & Pension buildings. In stark contrast to the site’s history as a train freight yard, the hustle and bustle of the adjacent intersection – one of Copenhagen’s busiest – and the modernist goliaths that are the neighbouring Post Danmark and Danish National Archive buildings, SEB Bank & Pension is an inviting oasis of Nordic calm.

Embodying Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects’ reputation for functional yet curious design, the SEB Bank & Pension buildings utalise every corner of their 27,000m2 plot through rising landscaped gardens and winding pathways, which are reminiscent of a faraway Swedish mountainside.

In this way, the buildings invite the public to climb above the surrounding streets, to perch amongst the pine and birch trees and contemplate passing urban life, or skateboard or parkour amongst the swooping ledges and banks.

Within the two 10-story buildings, the organic curves of their exteriors continue, creating numerous coves and inlets for informal meetings between workers. The floor-to-ceiling turquoise glass is enhanced by light from circular cores that open to the roof, creating a cavernous atmosphere against the coarse concrete walls.


Copenhagen, Inner City


Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects


SEB Bank & Pension

Landscape architect