Tårnlegepladsen: Play at Copenhagen’s Towers


Photo: Kasper Egeberg

The playground in Fælledparken is a miniaturized version of Copenhagen’s towers. For the city-interested adults, it’s fun to observe. For the children, it’s simply an exceptionally well-functioning playground.

Tårnlegepladsen (the Tower Playground) is structured around the city’s five most famous towers. Here, the Round Tower, the City Hall Tower, the Exchange Tower, Marble Church, and Our Saviour’s Church are scaled down to child height and connected with walkways and slides.

The Mirror House

At the center of it all lies the Mirror House, a revamped version of an old, worn-out building previously subjected to vandalism and graffiti. The Mirror House features distorting and amusing carnival mirrors on its doors. During daylight hours, the house is staffed and serves as a gathering place for children, parents, and educators. Inside the house, there are restrooms, and visitors can eat their packed lunches here.

Electronic Tag

In addition to swings, sand, and slides, the playground has an electronic gimmick near the Exchange Tower. Here, children can press buttons and create sounds with a series of blinking elements integrated in the buildings. The whole concept revolves around playing electronic tag over the city’s rooftops. Lights and sounds kickstart the game, which involves catching pigeons and squawking seagulls perched on the rooftops.

Awards for the Playground

The fact that not only children have approved Tårnlegepladsen is evidenced by various awards. The Mirror House has been featured in one of the world’s largest design and architecture blogs, Dezeen Magazine, and the house has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Additionally, Tårnlegepladsen has won the Danish Design Award 2012 in the category of “Service and Experience Design.”

Near Tårnlegepladsen

Fælledparken is an old park dating back to 1914. Here, the trees have been able to grow tall, and beneath them, there are plenty of activities for both adults and children. Take, for example, a visit to the Sensory Garden, the traffic playground, or the playground at Serridslevvej. If you or your children are skilled at skateboarding, it’s also a great idea to visit Fælledparken’s Skatepark.