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In the exhibition Teenage Dreams, you can experience the installation Transitions by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen.

Today’s teenagers are the last cohort of the generation dubbed Generation Z. They are the first generation to have grown up with smartphones, and their lives are profoundly shaped by new technology. They were born into a world where the internet and social media are part of everyday life, blurring the boundaries be-tween their private and public lives. With a single click, they are online, and the teenage bedroom suddenly becomes a stage with a global audience.

In Krøyer Sætter Lassen’s installation, it’s precisely the balance between being online and offline that is staged. The installation explores the idea of a room where the boundaries between the two states are fluid. The space has multiple functions and many layers. Blinds, curtains, and stripes can both shut off, offer transparency, and create the perfect backdrop. The room is both a photo studio and a sanctuary. The table serves as both a light table and a place for homework, and the platform at the end of the room serves as both a stage and a seating piece. Just as the teenage state is a transition between child and adult, the room is filled with transitions that can shape and support the teenager’s experience of the shifting landscape between public and private life.

4 Questions

What is the inspiration behind the installation?

»We’ve created a spatial installation that encourages both self-representation and its opposite. We aim to create a space that can be understood on different levels. It’s the balance between being online or offline that is staged. The installation explores the idea of a room where the boundaries between the two states are fluid.«

What can you experience in the room?

»In the room, there’s a table with 8 ring lights attached to the middle of the tab-letop. They can be used for taking selfies, and they illuminate the space. At the back of the room, there’s a raised platform in two heights, padded in carpet. One can be seen as a stage, while the other serves as a sofa with a high relaxation factor.«

What should you take away from a visit to the exhibition Teenage Dreams?

»We aim to stage the needs that are universal for many teenagers. Overall, we want to create a space that encourages exploration, reflection, and dialogue about how architecture and design can shape and support an experience of the shifting landscape between public and private life.«

Which societal trends does the installation speak to?

»Our installation addresses the current trends and challenges faced by young people. It does so by examining how their immersion in digital media and social networks affects their perception of public and private spaces. This points to a future where digital connectivity plays a central role in young people’s lives and in shaping their experience of space and identity.«


Photo: Mario Depicolzuane

Who is Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen?

The design company Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen was founded in 2016 by Emil Krøyer and Mads Sætter-Lassen. They work with an honest, logical, and functional approach to design, demonstrating how they are rooted in the Danish design heritage. An approach that is visible in their choice of materials and detailing, from their industrial design objects to their interiors.