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Join the Danish Architecture Center as we interview some of the world’s leading architects, designers, urban planners, and engineers about their work and ideas.

Let’s Talk Architecture is an introduction to some of the creative and innovative minds behind the future of our buildings, urban spaces and cities. Get to know the creative and innovative minds that shapes Danish architecture.

Behind the microphone is Michael Booth. He is Monocle’s correspondent in Denmark, as well as an award-winning, best-selling author and keynote speaker. His work often covers urban design and architecture. In this podcast, Michael explores some of the most defining themes in construction and urban development right now, when he speaks with the most talented architects, designers, and engineers of our time. They talk about everything from the aesthetics of the climate change, modernist masterpieces, extensive retail planning to rethinking of materials, sensuous architecture, and transformation of existing buildings.

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This podcast is in English.

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