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New exhibition:
Hello Denmark

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Danish Architecture Center Opens New Exhibition: Hello Denmark – Celebrating Danish Living!

What do lifeguard stations, cargo bikes, and the aim of living no more than a third of a mile from green areas have in common? You can learn about all of this and more at the new Danish Architecture Center (DAC) summer exhibition: Hello Denmark.

For the first time, DAC presents a Danish exhibition that uses everyday life as a way to understand architecture. Hello Denmark celebrates Danish architecture and design and explores what makes Denmark and Copenhagen popular around the world: a healthy and happy everyday life.
Denmark is often highlighted in international contexts as a role model when it comes to creating optimal living conditions for the population; conditions that contribute to our high quality of life. Denmark has been named the world’s happiest country several times, and before the coronavirus left its mark on the world, the New York Times included Copenhagen as one of its of recommended places to visit in 2020.

What is the recipe for the good daily life?

It is highly unlikely that an influx of international tourists will arrive this year, but it is relevant to explore what international society finds interesting and wonderful about Denmark. What are the ingredients in the Danish people’s coveted recipe for the good life? Can it be linked to the architecture and design traditions?

Danish Architecture Center pauses the daily life briefly to give guests a well-deserved moment to reflect on what gives everyday life value. Hello Denmark is a celebration of everyday life and of all the things that Danes tend to take for granted: the beautifully designed surroundings, the bicycle lifestyle, and the fact that the city harbor is clean enough to swim in.

Worldclass Design and Architecture

Hello Denmark shares the common narrative about Denmark as a world-class design and architecture nation. This narrative bears witness to a design tradition and strong set of values that permeate all of Danish society, shaping the life we live – every day – from the smallest teaspoon to an entire city plan.

In this exhibition, you will experience six installations, each representing an element from the everyday life we Danes value so highly and that influence how we build, reside and live. It is about a close relationship to nature; the trust upon which the society is built; the insistence on hygge; the unique bicycle culture; the design-infused society; and the need to live near water.

Your Architecture Experience Begins at Danish Architecture Center

Copenhagen has been named UNESCO’s World Capital of Architecture in 2023, where the world will again look to Denmark as a representative of world-class architecture and design. With the opening of Hello Denmark, DAC positions itself as the natural starting point for architecture and design experiences throughout Denmark.

Hello Denmark opened on June 8, 2020. The exhibition is supported by the philanthropic association Realdania and the Knud Højgaard Foundation.