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Seven Homes
with a Purpose

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Refugee Housing in the Backyard and Summer Cottage Sharing: Seven Homes with a Purpose are the new Exhibit at Danish Architecture Center

From June 8 to November 29, 2020, Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is showing the socially relevant exhibition: Seven Homes with a Purpose. This exhibition challenges and explores architecture’s problem-solving role in ad-dressing societal issues and presents ideas for how to create budget-friendly housing for all.

Danish Architecture Center has invited the award-winning architectural studio ONV to BLOX, where they provide insights into their work with innovative and alternative solutions. The exhibition encourages you to explore their seven architectural ideas for how we can all live more affordably, beautifully and meaningfully.

“Good architecture should be for everyone, regardless of status and income,”

– Søren Rasmussen, MAA and founder of the architectural studio ONV.

ONV – a Social Conscious Studio

We all face different challenges at different stages in life. Challenges that provoke relevant discussions in the public discourse: Will this year’s new students be able to find a place to live? Can nurses and police officers still afford to live in the city? Are summer cottages only for the rich? Can refugees live in people’s backyards?

These questions have been at the core for ONV’s work for the last 20 years, and the studio has contributed to the public debate with their designs for new ways of living.

Maybe living simply, smartly and beautifully – with less space but as part of strong communities – our will make our lives better?

Exhibition Period

At Danish Architecture Center, visitors can be inspired by a new vision for how people can (also) live. See the exhibition, free of charge, from June 8 to November 29, 2020 in the DAC Passage.

This exhibition is curated by ONV in collaboration with the Danish Architecture Center. The association Realdania has supported the exhibition.