The city’s most important morning coffee!

MorgenDAC is for anyone looking for nuanced debate on urban development and architecture. Our guests know their stuff, and you will gain the insight needed to join discussions on everything from rising housing prices to overtourism and the housing of the future.

NB. debate is in Danish.


In company with world-class experts

BLOXtalk is two hours with some of the world’s most important experts, who is right now setting their mark on our future. Meet them, ask questions and get inspired by their big visions and ideas within architecture, urban planning, design, technology and larger-than-life matters.

Listen and get inspired

Let’s talk architecture

Join the Danish Architecture Center as we chat with some of the world’s leading architects, designers, planners, and engineers about their work and ideas. Let’s talk architecture introduces you to the creative and innovative minds behind the future of our buildings and cities.

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Building the future

The Danish Architecture Center’s masterclass explores key issues around professional practice in the built environment. How will your work change in the future? Hear from industry leaders and researchers in architecture, engineering, planning, and construction about tomorrow’s trends, technical solutions, and cross-collaborations.

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