Photo: David Kahr


Nybrogade 12,
1066 Copenhagen K


Sunday 10-17


  • Hoist / ramp / level access to the front door
  • Level access in the building / site (no stairs)
  • Level access to outdoor areas
  • Lift
  • Accessible restroom
  • Locked doors can be opened from the outside in case of emergency
  • Chairs or benches to rest on
  • Possible to eat / drink
  • Disabled parking
  • Teleloop
  • Member of Solsikkesnoren
  • Member of God adgang

Along Slotsholm Canal, Zieglers Gaard stands as one of Copenhagen’s more extravagant homes. Take a look inside this grand townhouse, once home to none other than Grundtvig himself. Experience the exclusive rooms decorated with artwork by Michael Kvium and admire the view of Christiansborg from the French balcony.

Directly across the canal from the corridors of power in Christiansborg, the seat of the Danish parliament, you can see the whitewashed Rococo facade of Zieglers Gaard. Slightly lower than its neighbor, but with a magnificent French balcony and sandstone decorations on the facade, the building is at once both grand and humble.

Zieglers Gaard was built for Court Confectioner J.H. Ziegler in 1732 by Dutch architect Phillip de Lange, who built a number of buildings on Gammel Strand as well.

Home for the Cultural Elite

Over the ages, many prominent figures have occupied this residence, including businessman and shipowner Frederik de Coninck, whose enormous fleet of 64 ships sailed around the world, and who founded an organization seen as the precursor to the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

In the mid-1800s, pastor and Danish cultural icon N.F.S. Grundtvig resided in the building with his wife. Later, Johan and Asa Rohde moved in. Johan Rohde was co-founder of the circle of artists known as Den Frie (The Free) and designer for Georg Jensen, while Asa Rohde was the first woman in Denmark to earn a university degree in History and English.

Decorated with Contemporary Danish Art

During Open House, you can take a look inside this listed building, currently occupied by the serviced office facility Office Club, where the original rooms, halls and staircases have been refurbished with respect for the cultural heritage and decorated with contemporary Danish art.

Take a moment to admire the spectacular artwork by Michael Kvium. You can also view several other works by contemporary artists such as Randi & Katrine and Morten Schelde. And don’t miss the fantastic views across the canal of Christiansborg Palace and the Thorvaldsen Museum.

At Zieglers Gaard you can access the first floor. With a ticket to the guided tour (SOLD OUT) you can access the rest of the building.