Landskronagade 58, 2100 Copenhagen Ø



  • Hoist / ramp / level access to the front door
  • Level access in the building / site (no stairs)
  • Level access to outdoor areas
  • Lift
  • Accessible restroom
  • Locked doors can be opened from the outside in case of emergency
  • Chairs or benches to rest on
  • Possible to eat / drink
  • Disabled parking
  • Teleloop
  • Member of Solsikkesnoren
  • Member of God adgang

During Open House, you have a chance to experience a newly renovated courtyard by architectural firm Henning Larsen. But the courtyard isn’t all that’s climate friendly – the buildings are too. An innovative new facade adds space to the apartments while conserving heating.

Outer Østerbro has become a living laboratory for sustainable urban renewal. And this is where you’ll find an exciting new example of climate-friendly courtyard renovation.

Wooden Terraces Surrounded by Greenery

In the green courtyard of the Klimakarréen residential block, rainwater from the roofs and surfaces is used in toilets and washing machines, and serves as a pleasant landscaping feature. Water flows through the courtyard into an asymmetrical reflecting pool. In the event of a cloudburst, the rainwater is lead to an underground tunnel through which it flows into the harbor.
The courtyard has a wonderful old back building from which there is direct access to an elevated terrace. A green belt of grass and plants winds through the courtyard and surrounds a series of wooden terraces where you can sit and enjoy the green surroundings.

New Facade on Top of the Old

The courtyard isn’t the only place where improvements have been made. The buildings have been given an extra facade on top of the old one, improving insulation without taking up space indoors. In fact, the new facade actually made room for a series of small balconies. The extra layer also houses electrical wiring, rainwater pipes and new ventilation ducts. The exterior is clad with wood, tile and facade panels that flowers and plants can grow up.

There are around 6 million square meters of courtyards in Copenhagen, corresponding to more than 840 soccer fields! During Open House, you can experience some of the marvelous courtyards in Copenhagen that are usually only accessible to residents.