Groundbreaking constructions –

100 danish breakthroughs that changes the world

Exhibition period

October 9 , 2015 - January 3, 2016

Curated by

‘Groundbreaking Constructions – 100 Danish Breakthroughs that Changed the World’ was developed in partnership between Realdania and Danish Architecture Center

Supported by

Besides Realdania the project was also supported by Rambøll, Sund & Bælt, DISSING+WEITLING Architecture and Schmidt hammer lassen architects.

The exhibition ‘Groundbreaking Constructions – 100 Danish Breakthroughs that Changed the World’ focused on the developments in the history of construction that changed our perception of what is possible: those quantum leaps, which not only tackled the challenges posed by a single building, but also changed the world.

Denmark is a pioneer in the field of innovative construction. Building is one of the country’s major exports and the Danish building industry sets the agenda, for example when it comes to the development of sustainable construction etc.

Normally we pay tribute to our star architects: the likes of Bjarke Ingels, Jan Gehl etc. But behind the award-winning projects and newspaper headlines lurks that pivotal collaboration between engineers, developers and architects. Danish engineers play an equally major role in the development and expansion of a building’s framework.

A tribute to engineers

In historical terms, the collaboration between innovative engineers and visionary architects has not only created some of the greatest and most widely acclaimed architectural icons in the world, but has also led to the likes of increased health, better working conditions and high energy savings. The foundation for major breakthroughs has often been the engineer’s mathematical launch pad, the principles of nature and a logical approach to a building’s potential. “Groundbreaking Construction” was a tribute to the achievements of Danish building by shining the spotlight on 100 of them.

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