Fire Station

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Howitzvej 28, 2000 Frederiksberg


Saturday 10-17


  • Hoist / ramp / level access to the front door
  • Level access in the building / site (no stairs)
  • Level access to outdoor areas
  • Lift
  • Accessible restroom
  • Locked doors can be opened from the outside in case of emergency
  • Chairs or benches to rest on
  • Possible to eat / drink
  • Disabled parking
  • Teleloop
  • Member of Solsikkesnoren
  • Member of God adgang

Take a look inside the historic fire station from 1932, which bears witness to 100 years of advances in firefighting. You will also experience a modern fire station that continues to operate today as part of the emergency services for Frederiksberg, Valby and Vanløse.

The red brick building on Howitzvej in Frederiksberg is recognized by many. Frederiksberg Fire Station is situated in the heart of the city, close to Frederiksberg City Hall, the district court house, and theformer police station.

Built in 1932, it still serves today as part of the emergency services for the most populous parts of Greater Copenhagen, with 130,000 residents.

Internationally Renowned

The fire station was designed by Hack Kampmann and A.S.K. Lauritzen. Kampmann was also the architect behind Copenhagen Police Headquarters, Marselisborg Palace and Glyptoteket’s Central Hall.

The original fire station was located at Howitzvej 6. However, with the advent of larger vehicles and machines, that building became too small. And so the new fire station was built at Howitzvej 26 in connection with the police station, which has since moved to Valby.

The new fire station was fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, including a new technique for producing mechanical foam for putting out fires. The technique, developed by Schrøder and van Deurs, two employees at the station, was later patented globally and is now used by fire departments around the world.

A Modern Workplace

Frederiksberg Fire Station is now part of the Greater Copenhagen Fire Department. Today, the building also contains training facilities in addition to housing the fire department.

During Open House, you are invited to take a look inside the historic red-brick walls. This is a chance tosee the apparatus bay where the fire engines are parked and explore a modern workplace with a hundred years of history.