Helpful tips for families

Opening hours

Mon-Sun: 10-18
Thursday: 10-21

Danish Architecture Center invites all children and young people to thoughtful experiences that inspire to explore cities and architecture with new eyes. Here, we’ve compiled a series of helpful tips for your visit.


Admission to DAC is free for children under 18. We ask that children under the age of 16 stay with their accompanying adult throughout their visit. With a DAC Club Card you get free access to DAC all year.

Baby carriages

Baby carriages and strollers are permitted in DAC. There are elevators or lifts on every level. To reach the main entrance on level -2, take the elevator to the right of the stairs.

Brought food and baby food

DAC does not have a dedicated area where guests can eat their own brought food. You are welcome to picnic on the benches outside BLOX. You may bring your own baby food and babies may be fed in DAC Café.

DAC Café offers several kid-friendly dishes.

Changing facilities

There are changing tables in the restrooms in DAC Café and by the cloakroom in level -2. Please do not change diapers in the exhibition area or café.


Check out the calendar here on our website to learn more about special events for children on weekends and during school holidays. Make sure to carefully explore the individual exhibitions, which always feature elements designed to inspire children.

The DAC Slide is one of our most popular activities. Please follow all safety precautions and show consideration for the other guests by not running and yelling.

Activities at DAC are only open to children in the company of an adult.

Show consideration

DAC features activities for everyone. Please help your children show consideration for the other guests who would like to enjoy the exhibitions or their meal in DAC Café.