Copenhagen from Above: 7 Unforgettable Views of the World Capital of Architecture

By Andreas Grubbe Kirkelund
6 July 2023

From rooftop bars and cafés to playgrounds and roof gardens. Here’s our list of the seven best places to view Copenhagen from above.

Copenhagen’s skyline is characterized by everything from historic spires to modern buildings – and thankfully the city offers fantastic vantage points. From both well-known and less familiar places, the city offers panoramas that can take your breath away.

Copenhill eller Amager Bakke

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj

1. Amager Bakke

Amager Bakke, also known as CopenHill, combines a waste-to-energy plant with recreational purposes, such as a year-round ski slope in the city(!), a hiking trail, and a climbing wall. But the enormous building also houses a café at the top, which offers one of the most impressive and magnificent views of the city. The architecture is both modern and functional and an impressive example of multifunctional architecture.

Access: Free access by stairs or elevator to the top. Opening hours change throughout the year – so plan your visit on the CopenHill website.

Konditaget Lüders i Nordhavn byder på fantastisk udsigt over byens tage.

Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj

2. Konditaget

A unique place in Copenhagen. Konditaget Lüders is a public park located on top of a parking garage in Nordhavn. 24 meters above the ground, Konditaget Lüders provides a different view of one of the city’s new neighborhoods. This recreational space offers a fantastic panoramic view. It’s rare that architects design recycling stations and trash rooms, but the result here points to a future where all functions in a building have new and greater potential.

Access: Free access with an elevator and via external stairs along the southern facade. The roof is open every day from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Østergro på Østerbro er en taghave og tagfarm

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

3. ØsterGro

ØsterGro is an urban organic roof farm in outer Østerbro. A roof filled with soil, vegetables, bees, chickens, rabbits, earthworms, and composting. In addition to offering a green sanctuary, ØsterGro also provides a nice view of the so-called climate neighborhood in Østerbro – Copenhagen’s first climate-adapted district. On the roof, you will also find the restaurant Gro Spiseri, which offers an organic and informal dining experience in a small greenhouse on the roof.

Access: Access to the roof farm is via a spiral staircase and with an old car elevator. Opening hours vary, so check Google or call before visiting the place.

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

4. Glyptoteket

Enjoy a quiet moment on Glyptoteket’s roof terrace and get captivated by the view of the city. From the roof of this classic museum building, you get a 360-degree view of both historical and modern Copenhagen. The beautiful garden and impressive collection of art make it a cultural hotspot. The roof terrace is open when the weather gods allow it and closes half an hour before the museum.

Access: There is an admission fee for the Glyptoteket. Access to the roof terrace is via stairs or elevator.

Udsigt fra DAC Cafe

Photo: Kontraframe

5. DAC Café – in BLOX

The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) in BLOX is, of course, a place all architecture lovers must visit. In the DAC Café, located on top of the building, there are two large roof terraces with spectacular views of Copenhagen Harbor on one side and a fabulous view of Christiansborg and the Inner City on the other side. The terraces are equipped with large umbrellas and greenhouses, so the view of the city can be enjoyed in all kinds of weather.

Access: Get access to the café when you buy entry to DAC. There are stairs and level-free access with an elevator.

Photo: Marc Skafte-Vaabengaard

6. The Round Tower

No visit to Copenhagen is complete without a trip up The Round Tower. It is one of Denmark’s most beloved destinations, and along with Trinitatis Church, it constitutes one of the more peculiar buildings of the construction-loving king Christian IV. From the top, you get a unique view of the city’s historical architecture, the tile roofs, and the many spires and towers that shape the look of the city.

Access: There is an admission fee to the tower, which is open all year with varying opening hours. See The Round Tower’s website for more info. The top is not wheelchair accessible.

Østergro på Østerbro er en taghave og tagfarm

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

7. The Maersk Tower

The Maersk Tower is part of the University of Copenhagen and houses parts of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The tower measures 75 meters, and the facade is covered by 3,300 copper shutters, giving it its relief-like expression. At the top – on the 15th floor – you get a fantastic view of the lakes and the Inner City.

Access: The 15th floor can be reached by elevator. There is free access on weekdays from 8.00 am to 5:00 pm.

Other Great Views of Copenhagen

Especially the many hotels in Copenhagen offer roof terraces or rooftop bars. These are, of course, obvious places if you are already staying at the hotel, but most are also open to non-resident guests.

View from Illum Rooftop – Photo: Simeon Baker

  • Grand Joanne, located on Vesterbrogade where Grand Hotel used to be, offers access to their brand-new rooftop bar with views towards SAS Royal, Axel Towers, and Inner City.
  • Filmtaget is the Film Institute’s new roof terrace, expected to open during 2023. Here you can experience the film exhibition, enjoy food with a city view, and watch movies under the open sky.
  • Tivoli Hotel offers a superb view from the two restaurants at the top. Here you can enjoy the food and see most of the city at the same time. You can sit either outside or inside.
  • Illum Rooftop, located on top of the department store in the center of Copenhagen, gives you a direct view of old Copenhagen, Strøget, and Christiansborg.
  • Hotel Ottilia in Carlsberg City in Copenhagen has a lovely rooftop restaurant and bar on the roof. Here you get a view of the district and the rest of Copenhagen.
  • Next House Copenhagen is a hostel in the former headquarters of Falck. The building has been completely rebuilt from a gray office building to an urban building with a brass facade, hanging gardens, and rooftops.
  • The NH Collection Copenhagen hotel is in a former office complex – known as ‘The Desert Fortress’. After an extensive transformation, the place is now a 5-star hotel, which also host one of the largest rooftops in the city.
  • Scandic Nørreport opened in 2022 and simultaneously opened the doors for the rooftop bar, Level Six, which with its location gives a fantastic view over central Copenhagen.
  • Manon les Suites, known for its exotic expression, also has an exotic roof terrace. Open to everyone over 18, whether you are a hotel guest or not.
  • Hotel Denmark on Vester Voldgade offers a fabulous view of Copenhagen City Hall and Vesterbro. The rooftop is open to all, whether you are a guest of the hotel or not.

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How well do you know Copenhagen? The hidden gems and the quirky details? With our free app you can explore the city on your own.

Explore the city

How well do you know Copenhagen? The hidden gems and the quirky details? With our free app you can explore the city on your own.