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DAC Club Card as a gift

When you give a DAC Club Card as gift, you give a full year of inspiring design and architecture experiences, along with plenty of benefits and discounts.

When you order the club card online, you can add a personal message, and we will send the digital membership card to your friend on the date you choose.

You can also purchase a gift card for a club card at DAC Design Shop. You’ll receive a lovely gift envelope, ready to be given to a friend. Your friend must activate the membership before the first visit to DAC.

See all the club benefits.

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Membership card
DKK 315

Membership card +1
DKK 415

Membership card +4
DKK 715

Membership card students​
DKK 150

Buy a gift card in DAC Design Shop

Purchase a gift card for a club card at DAC Design Shop. You’ll receive a lovely gift envelope, ready to give to a friend. The card is activated, when your friend chooses to activate it.

Exhibitions in 2024

Mennesker foran BLOX

Copenhagen in Common

May 5, 2023– February 25, 2024

Copenhagen in Common is about what we have in common – namely architecture. It is what frames our lives. A good place to live, work and learn. A nice place to hang out. A safe place to move about. In the exhibition, we present a wide range of Danish architects who are designing Denmark now and in the future.

So Danish!

Denmark’s national gallery of architecture

So Danish! is the Danish Architecture Center’s first permanent exhibition on Danish architecture. The exhibition unfolds the history of Danish architecture from the Viking Age to present day and gives you the opportunity to travel into the architecture and understand how absolutely vital it is to our democratic society.

Changing Our Footprint

November 17, 2023 – March 3, 2024

How do we succeed in creating a sustainable transition of architecture? Explore materials and methods of the future which can help pave the way for building on the planet’s terms.

Mennesker foran BLOX


March 22​ – September 15, 2024

In March 2024 the exhibition, Aware, opens in collaboration with 3XN /GXN. Experience architecture in a 1:1 spatial installation that explores and challenges what architecture does.

Mennesker foran BLOX


October 11​, 2024 – March 23, 2025

Water shows what kind of reality we look into when the water comes. Should we pull away from the coast? Should we entrench ourselves or should we live with the water?

Your membership benefits

Free access to all exhibitions all year

As a member of DAC Club, the doors to DAC will always be open to you. So you can visit us at BLOX 360 days a year.

Invitations to openings and special events

As a member of DAC Club, you will be invited to exclusive openings for all our exhibitions. You’ll also get invitations to special events just for club members. You’ll receive invitations through our newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

Selected tour and event benefits

As a club member, you get discounts on DAC’s guided city tours. And you get free or discounted access to selected DAC events. You’ll see the discount when you log in using your email to book a ticket.

10% discount in the design shop and 20% on parking

10% discount in DAC Design Shop

In our design shop, you can buy anything from books and magazines to illustrations and innovative design. You get a 10% discount in the shop when you show your membership card.


20% discount on parking at BLOX

You can park in BLOX’s fully automatic paid parking garage – and as a member of DAC Club, you get 20% off when visiting DAC. Get a discount code at Welcome upon your visit.

The entrance is on Vester Voldgade. Read more about the parking garage.


Free coffee and 10% discount in the café

As a club member, you can enjoy a free cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea when you visit us.  You get 10% off your bill in DAC Café. If you have a +1 card, your guest also get the benefit, when you pay the bill. On weekdays, you can enjoy lunch at our special membership price, and on weekends, you get a discount on our buffet.

Benefits with other cultural institutions


14% off admission to Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg for you and a guest.


M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

20% off admission to the Maritime Museum of Denmark in Helsingør and 10% off in their shop.


Utzon Center

25% off admission to Utzon Center in Aalborg for you and a guest.



20% discount on admission to ARoS for you and a guest in July and August.