Danish Architecture Center opens at BLOX

On May 7, Danish Architecture Center will open the doors to Denmark’s new architecture center in the spectacular BLOX building on Copenhagen’s waterfront. DAC invites you to an ambitious opening exhibition celebrating everyman’s expertise – our home. Experience Olafur Eliasson’s striking work, Multiple shadow house, embark on a fascinating journey through the modern history of the home, and explore trends shaping the homes of tomorrow.

Copenhagen, 22 March 2018

Danish Architecture Center (DAC) will be opening this May in BLOX – the iconic new building on Copenhagen’s waterfront funded by Realdania. BLOX was designed by the world-renowned Dutch architectural firm OMA, with architect Ellen Van Loon heading the project. The building was designed especially for Danish Architecture Center, which is centrally situated and equipped with attractive and spacious exhibition rooms, an auditorium, conference and teaching facilities, and a rooftop café whose large terraces offer scenic views of the harbour and Slotsholmen.

“Thanks to the generous gift from Realdania, Danish Architecture Center has this fantastic opportunity to move into an intriguing and surprising building whose design is an architectural experience in itself. Our driving ambition is to inspire the Danes and international tourists who visit DAC to venture out and experience architecture on a 1:1 scale in its ideal element – the city itself. DAC will be a must-see destination for architecture and design enthusiasts from around the world,” says Kent Martinussen, CEO of Danish Architecture Center.

The move from DAC’s current location at the historic warehouse Gammel Dok was made possible by Realdania’s huge investment in BLOX, which will be Denmark’s center for architecture, design and new ideas. In addition to DAC, BLOX will house BLOXHUB, an interdisciplinary innovation environment for sustainable development, a restaurant, DAC’s café, private homes, a fitness center, a new playground and delightful new squares in the surrounding outdoor spaces, which will offer cultural activities all year round.

Photo by: Rasmus Hjortshøj, COAST Studio & BLOX

A city in the city, designed by OMA

BLOX represents the first project in Copenhagen from the hand of OMA and partner/architect Ellen van Loon. BLOX is designed and constructed as a city within the city: a vibrant building and active part of the city’s heartbeat. BLOX connects the city and harbour by creating new routes through the city and bringing new life to a little-used stretch of Copenhagen’s waterfront.

“Instead of placing various functions in the building according to a traditional approach, we put Danish Architecture Center in the center of the building, surrounded by and embedded in the midst of what DAC is dedicated to: homes, offices and infrastructure. The urban route leads directly into the heart of the building, generating a vast range of interactions between different components of the building and the urban environment,” says Ellen van Loon.

Opening exhibition: Welcome Home

Architects design houses. People create homes. More than anywhere else, architecture is ever-present and essential in the buildings that provide the framework for our daily lives. Where, how, and with whom we live are all-important to our quality of life. For this very reason, the home serves as the focal point of the first exhibition at Danish Architecture Center’s new home in BLOX.

Welcome Home explores the homes of Danes through history, and the major waves – such as industrialisation and globalisation – that have shaped the way we live; it also examines how current challenges, such as demographics and evolving family structures, are inspiring more flexible homes, and presents an array of artistic and technological proposals for reprogramming the massive residential complexes of the 1960s and transforming them into attractive homes of the future.

Welcome Home runs from 7 May to 23 September.

Olafur Eliasson interprets the feeling of home

The first element meeting exhibition visitors is an interactive installation by world-renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The work, Multiple Shadow House, is the size of a house and fills one of the galleries. Guests create the work of art themselves through a sensory experience of how the physical environment is impacted by behaviour, movements and interaction – just as a house becomes a home when it is filled with life.

“We invited Olafur Eliasson to create this work here because it provides a direct experience of what happens when we enter a space and meet each other. We think that it will be a very good way to for our guests to tune into the exhibition and engage with the debate and discussion about what a home is and can be,” says Kent Martinussen.

Accreditation for the opening

On Saturday 5 May, Danish Architecture Center invites the press to a VIP opening from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., featuring a special tour of the Welcome Home exhibition, inspiring talks by Olafur Eliasson and others, debates on urbanisation, design and innovation with Bruce Katz, workshops and a party.

Send an email to Rikke at rbr@dac.dk containing your name and which media organisation you represent to request accreditation. The event is open to a limited number of participants.



For more information about DAC in BLOX or Welcome Home, please contact:

Communication and Content Responsible, DAC
Rikke Brams
+45 3047 3019

Welcome Home

The Welcome Home exhibition, publication, event program and campaign were developed by the Danish Architecture Center in partnership with Realdania and Bolius, with Realdania as the main sponsor.

Welcome Home was made possible by support and contributions from: GI – The Landowners’ Investment Foundation, The Augustinus Foundation, AirBnB, Knud Højgaards Foundation, Brand Factory, Montana, MT Højgaard, Gyproc, Statistics Denmark, Republic of Fritz Hansen, BL – Federation of Social Housing in Denmark, Knowledge Center for Housing and Economics, SBI – the Danish Building Research Institute, Bevica Foundation, and KADK – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.


You can download photos of Welcome Home

You can download press photos of BLOX

Photo by: Rasmus Hjortshøj, COAST Studio & BLOX