Danish Architecture Center

Stig. L. Andersson in charge of the Danish pavilion at the architecture biennale in Venice

Every second year architecture connoisseurs flock to Venice, when architects from all over the world present their challenging and inspiring concepts and projects at the famous Architecture Biennale. This year the internationally acclaimed landscape architect, Stig L. Andersson will create the exhibition for the Danish pavilion, when Venice opens the doors on the 14th International Architecture Biennale on 7 June 2014.

“With Stig L. Andersson in charge of Denmark’s contribution to the 2014 Architecture Biennale, I am expecting a unique, thought-provoking and poetic exhibition. Based on the history of Danish architecture, the exhibition will provide visitors with an experience of how we can conceive and develop the Denmark of tomorrow.”

“My ambition is to create an exhibition, which examines both the emergence and collapse of Danish modernity, while looking at how this collapse can lead us into the future. I would like to present an exhibition, which tells the story of Denmark’s enthusiastic, complex and dynamic modernity, not only in the field of architectural history, but also in the areas of science, art and poetry. And bring these narratives up to date as a contribution to the discussion about Denmark’s future by showing how our aesthetic perception of the world is a major force, when we create the context for the towns and lifestyle of tomorrow,” says Stig L. Andersson.

As commissioners for the Danish pavilion, the Danish Architecture Center have selected Stig L. Andersson as its curator. Kent Martinussen, CEO of DAC, looks forward to seeing what Stig L. Andersson can conjure up for visitors.

Rem Koolhaas sets the scene

But Stig L. Andersson does not have 100% creative freedom. The context has already been established by the main curator of the Biennale, the Dutch starchitect, Rem Koolhaas. With the titleFundamentals, Rem Koolhaas has formulated both the theme of the main exhibition and the basis he wants to see for the 40 + national exhibitions. The theme is the architecture of modernity and the traditions and trends of the past 100 years. It also focuses on the identity of architecture today, when national architectural directions are being replaced in varying degrees by a global mind-set.

Inspiration from theDK2050scenario project

For the Biennale exhibition Stig L. Andersson will also draw inspiration from the major scenario project,DK2050, which the Danish Architecture Center is developing and running.DK2050brings together ten municipalities, four ministries, two regions, and a variety of foundations and private enterprises with the objective of promoting innovation and establishing specific scenarios for how we may be living in towns, cities and urban regions by 2050. It will be exciting to see exactly what inspiration Stig L. Andersson will draw from DK2050for his exhibition.

About Stig L. Andersson

Stig L. Andersson is a professor and landscape architect, and creative director and founder of the architecture practice, SLA, who have been responsible for an enormous number of innovative public spaces and master plans in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe. With his insistence on reassessing the relationship between town and landscape, Stig L. Andersson has put landscape architecture on the map, both in Denmark and abroad. Stig. L. Andersson’s work for SLA includes the Bymilen public spaces at SEB Bank in Copenhagen, the Elephant Enclosure at Copenhagen Zoo and the landscape for the International Court of Justice at The Hague in Holland, along with a range of master plans and urban development projects in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In 2010 Stig L. Andersson and SLA won the Nykredit Architecture Prize.

The Danish Architecture Center was selected by the Danish Ministry of Culture as commissioners for the Danish pavilion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. The Danish contribution to the 14th International Architecture Biennale is receiving support from the Danish Ministry of Culture, Realdania and the Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Architecture.

The exhibition in Venice opens officially on 7 June 2014 and runs until 23 November 2014.