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So Danish! udstilling om dansk arkitektur

Opening hours

Mon-Sun: 10–18
Thursdays: 10–21

February is winter break time and fastelavn season (Shrovetide) and DAC is filled with architectural experiences and fun activities for families.

We have a full program of activities in both week 7 and 8 (February 10–25) . It’s your last chance to experience the exhibition Copenhagen in Common. And if you’re bringing kids along, try your decorating skills in our fastelavn workshop where we’ll be making classic Danish fastelavnsris or come to play in our Lego Workshop.

Family Activities

Plant Printing with Winter Greens

February 19 – 25

Stop by DAC’s Educatorium, where we play with light and dark and make plant prints from the evergreen cemetery greenery.

Read about Plant Printing

DIY for kids

Be creative with architecture at home

On this page you can find guides to some of our many drawing- and construction activities. Find the recipe for seed bombs that can bomb the city green, color Copenhagen or design your own dream room. It’s just a matter of getting started!

See all our DIY guides for kids

Experience the Exhibitions

Last chance: Copenhagen in Common

Exhibition until February 25, 2024

The winter break is your last chance to experience our extensive Copenhagen in Common exhibition. The exhibition is about what we have in common – architecture. It’s the framework of our lives, a good place to live, work, and educate ourselves. In the exhibition, we showcase a wide range of Danish architects who are shaping Denmark right now and in the future.

Experience Copenhagen in Common

So Danish! udstilling om dansk arkitektur

So Danish!

Denmark’s national gallery for Danish architecture

Experience Danish Architecture Center’s national gallery for Danish architecture. The exhibition unfolds the history of Danish architecture from the Viking Age to the present day, offering you the opportunity to delve into architecture and understand how crucial it is to our democratic society.

See the national gallery for Danish architecture

Changing Our Footprint

Exhibition until May 26, 2024

During the winter break you can also experience the Changing Our Footprint exhibition. How do we succeed in creating a sustainable transition of architecture? Explore materials and methods of the future which can help pave the way for building on the planet’s terms.

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Permanent installations

The City Map

Start your exploration of Copenhagen’s architecture on the floor just beneath BLOX. Here, you can walk around on a gigantic aerial photo of the city and get a complete overview. At the same time, it gives you the feeling of being a giant, stomping around – high above the city.

Explore our map of Copenhagen

DAC Slide

Are you adventurous enough to try the fastest and wildest art installation in Copenhagen? Challenge your senses on a unique 40-meter, 4-story spiral slide.

Try DAC Slide

Design Shop and Café

Searching for a cozy holiday activity or a little extra luxury at DAC Design Shop?

Here, you’ll find everything from colorful costumes, LEGO® and drawing supplies to ceramics, cards, and jewelry in contemporary Danish design. The shop has been expanded with nearly 100 inspiring square meters, providing a diverse selection for anyone seeking some extra holiday enjoyment.

Visit DAC Design Shop

Explore the City

Public tours every Sunday at 2 pm

Try the playground in front of BLOX or embark on one of DACs guided city tours. For example explore Copenhagen: World Capital of Architecture and get insight into why this honor has been bestowed upon Copenhagen.

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DAC app: Copenhagen Architecture Guide

You can also explore the winter city on your own. Get inspired by our app and discover various landmarks such as the versatile CopenHill, where you can go skiing, the transformed Villa Copenhagen that offers luxurious accommodations, and the year-round green oasis of The Opera Park.

Download our app Copenhagen Architecture Guide