NH Collection set fra vandet
NH Collection set fra vandet

Winter Guide: 10 Things to Do in Copenhagen

By Asta Melchior Jelsing
January 12, 2024

Snow, sleet, and slush don’t have to stop you from experiencing the city. Copenhagen offers plenty of architecture that holds a special charm in cold weather. Here’s our guide to ten great winter experiences in Copenhagen.

Sandkaj i mørket

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

1. Sandkaj in Nordhavn
– A Dip in Beautiful Surroundings

If you’ve had your fill of your regular winter bathing spot and want to put it on ice, check out Sandkaj in Nordhavn. The harbor bath is open year-round, and if you crave a warm drink after your dip, the bath is surrounded by cozy cafes. There is also a sauna and changing rooms for members.

Børn leger i KU.BE

Photo: Adam Mørk

2. KU.BE
– An Indoor Playground

If your fingers are frozen from helping your child on and off with their mittens, you can take a trip to KU.BE, which consists of six cubic forms. Between the cubes are indoor play zones, and here you can play with your children in the warmth for free.

En isbjørn ses tydeligt gennem glasvæggen

Photo: Bo Bolther

3. The Arctic Ring in Copenhagen Zoo
– The Arctic Animals Come to Life

Polar bears may be sluggish in the summer, but in winter, they truly come to life. And if it starts to snow, it can almost feel like seeing a polar bear in its natural surroundings. Visit The Arctic Ring in Copenhagen Zoo and experience the architecture designed to mirror nature.

Vinterhaven i Glyptoteket

Photo: Anders Sune Berg

4. The Glyptotek
– Tropical Sensations in Winter

Culture, palm trees, and tropical sensations. The grand Glyptoteket offers it all, allowing you to trick yourself into the feeling of having traveled south for a short while, even though the Danish winter chill awaits outside.

Amager Bakke med trappe og skilift

Photo: Ehrhorn Hummerston

5. Amager Bakke – CopenHill
– Skiing in Copenhagen

Have you gone skiing in the middle of Copenhagen yet? At the waste-to-energy plant Amager Bakke, you can ski year-round. But if you want to flex your ski outfit, we recommend doing it in the winter cold.

Undervandstunellen i Den Blå Planet

Photo: Adam Mørk

6. Den Blå Planet – The National Aquarium
– Explore an Underwater Universe

Escape the winter chill and immerse yourself in the architectural whirlpool of Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet). Here, you can meet tropical fish, sharks, and otters in the tropical section, the ocean, and the northern lakes and gardens. You might also be lucky to see a mermaid.

Operaparken set oppefra med Operaen i baggrunden

Photo: Per Frost, Technidrone

7. The Opera Park
– A Green Oasis in the Harbor

An evergreen garden right next the Opera. The Opera Park is built like a stage with a foreground, middle, and background. It serves as a green, soft counterpart to the harbor, inviting visitors for a stroll. If the wind gets too chilly, seek refuge inside the pavilion with its accompanying café.

Rundetårn set fra tagryggen

Photo: Rundetårn

8. The Round Tower
– Enjoy the City’s Snow-Covered Rooftops

You’ve probably heard of The Round Tower, and you might even feel like you know the tower quite well. But when was the last time you visited? Warm up by winding your way to the top of the tower. From there, you can enjoy Copenhagen’s rooftops in the winter sun – and even on the coldest days, the view is 360 degrees.

Hotel Ottilias lobby

Photo: Rozbeh Zavari

9. Hotel Ottilia
– Luxury in Historical Surroundings

Perhaps your winter body craves a bit of luxury and pampering. You can find it at Hotel Ottilia, located in the old Carlsberg Brewery in Carlsbergbyen (Carlsberg City District). Beneath the hotel, there’s also a luxury spa that can truly transport your thoughts to warmer climates.

Torvehallerne i vintermørket

Photo: Thomas Steen Sørensen

10. Torvehallerne
– A Gourmet Food Market

If you’re in the mood for edible luxury, let your bike ride take you past Torvehallerne on your way home. It’s covered, and within the shelter of the two large glass halls, you can enjoy a delicious meal or grab fresh ingredients to take home in your bike basket.

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Hvor godt kender du egentlig København? De skjulte fortællinger og sjove detaljer? Med vores gratis app kan du udforske byen på egen hånd.

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Hvor godt kender du egentlig København? De skjulte fortællinger og sjove detaljer? Med vores gratis app kan du udforske byen på egen hånd.